Edward Lucas (The Economist)

27 July 2017
Temperatures are boiling not only outside but also in politics. On 27th July, we will have the pleasure of hosting one of the best guides through the ever-volatile world of global politics, Edward Lucas. Edward is Senior Editor at The Economist and a successful book author. He will be promoting his latest book, Cyberphobia.

Edward Lucas is central and eastern European correspondent for the Economist. He has been covering the region since 1986. His postings included stringing for the Economist in Czechoslovakia and the Baltic States, and being editorial director of the Economist Intelligence Unit in Vienna. In 1996, he became Berlin correspondent and in 1998, Moscow bureau chief. After leaving Russia in 2002, he covered education and transport for the Britain section until 2005. He has been in his present post since the launch of the new International section in 2006.



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