PCC Speaker Event: Nik Gowing

1 April 2016

On 1st April, we had the honour of hosting Nik Gowing, the face of BBC World News over the last two decades and its longest serving presenter. Before joining the BBC in 1996, Nik was a foreign affairs specialist and presenter at ITN for 18 years, during this time he was bureau chief in Rome and Warsaw. He won a BAFTA award in 1982 for his coverage in Poland. He worked through Martial Law smuggling material out of the country and working closely with Solidarnosc. He was nominated for an award for helping bring democracy to Poland. He wrote ‘The Wire’ – a novel about his experiences.

In 2015 he co-authored initial findings of the “Thinking the Unthinkable” study. Based on sixty top level confidential interviews of corporate and public service leaders, plus the new generation of millennials, it reveals the factors which explain why so many have failed to identify what looms in the “new normal” since late 2013. The findings are scary.

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