PCC Speaker Series: Eva Pascoe

11 March 2016

On 11th March we had the pleasure of welcoming Eva Pascoe at the Speaker Series event . Eva told us about her 20+ years of experience in the Technology area in UK. As a former MD of Zoom (a joint venture between Topshop and Daily Mail online shopping), she has pioneered e-payments, e-commerce fashion solutions and technology.

Eva is currently consulting for Retail Futures for The Retail Practice (TheRetailPractice.com), a multichannel retail and technology consultancy in UK and Europe, and is also advising start-ups in the area of mobile payment parking, Big Data, cloud computing solutions, online products scalability and social media fashion marketing and digital archiving. 

In 1994, Eva co-founded Cyberia Internet Café, the world’s first Internet Café, pioneering the Internet early online/offline communities, online secure payment and building the business globally across Europe and Asia. 

Eva is a regular speaker on future of retail, online privacy, social media and entrepreneurship.




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