Poland: A successful transition?

5 May 2015

PCC member Katarzyna Boguslawska was invited by bne IntelliNews to
take part as a panellist in the event, entitled “Poland: A Successful
Transition?” together with the current Polish Ambassador to the UK HE
Witold Sobkow and the former UK Ambassador to Warsaw Charles Crawford.
The panellist discussed Poland’s political and economic journey over the
last two decades and the prospects Poland’s economical development in
the future.

Uniquely among the economies of the EU, Poland was able to avoid
recession during the financial crisis. Today Poland is the
eighth-largest economy in the European Union in real GDP terms and
attracts foreign investment. Katarzyna discussed how the perception of
Poland and Poles have changed over the years and PCC was recognised for
its work in promoting Polish talent in the UK and called a ‘cheerleader
for Poland’.



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